Open since Fall 2004 and located in Midtown West - also known as "Hell's Kitchen" - Shimizu restaurant proudly serves fresh seasonal fish and Japanese Shochu and Sake. Our menu consists of not only a diverse selection of sushi and sashimi, but traditional Japanese cuisine as well. At our bar, we provide a wide variety of liquor such as Shochu: a popular Japanese liquor known to be distilled from many different ingredients such as barley, sweet potatoes, rice, buckwheat or brown sugar. For those of you who have not experienced Japanese Shochu before, we highly recommend a try at our restaurant. At Shimizu restaurant, our chefs ensure that we choose the best quality ingredients for our customers to enjoy.


Shimizu Sushi & Shochu Bar
Washington Jefferson Hotel
318 West 51st Street
New York, NY 10019

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Tel: 212-581-1581